Thursday, May 13, 2010


So i was recently on youtube and i heard about the illuminati stuff. So i quickly typed in Illuminati to the youtube search bar . Basicly the illuminati is when a group or so called gang of people and/or artist sell there souls to the devil and in return they will recive success in music. So i was like i dont believe this crap ! Then i found a video of someone exsplaining the illuminati symbols in rihannas video "Umbrella". It Exsplains how she has the devils sign in it. 6 men 6 girls and gets hit by the rain 6 times (666) the devils numbers. It tells you alot of crazy stuff in this video .I really cant exsplain the fear i felt as i watched this for the first time. I added the video to this blog please take the time to watch this because this is really scary. Its just something you really never took the time to notice. its pretty crazy ! I HAVE CHILLS !!

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  1. This is very interesting, but I would like for you to clean up the spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure that you correct your "i"s, because they need to be in caps. Also, apply apostrophes where necessary. For instance... it is = it's. Remember your commas too. Good post!